Statnet software has been in continuous development since the early 2000s. All of our software is open source (GPL-3) and development is ongoing.

  • Packages are developed and maintained by the Statnet Development Team on GitHub in a set of repositories under the GitHub statnet organization. The key repositories are public and have corresponding packages released on CRAN.

    We welcome bug reports, comments, suggestions or feature requests; please report these by filing a GitHub issue on the appropriate repository.

  • Packages are published to the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).

  • Many packages have expository articles published in the Journal of Statistical Software.

  • Most packages have a dedicated training workshop, with the materials posted online for self-learning (see the Workshops tab).

  • If you use Statnet, please cite it. Information can be found on the Citing statnet tab.

The Statnet suite of packages

Organized by category, with links to the CRAN (or GitHub) resources.

Category Package First Published Purpose
Static networks sna * 2001 Descriptive analysis
  latentnet 2005 Statistical modeling
  network 2008 Network data management
  ergm 2008 Statistical modeling, simulation
  statnetWeb 2015 Shiny app for network, sna and ergm
  ergm.ego 2016 Statistical modeling of egocentrically sampled data
  ergm.multi 2022 Statistical modeling
Dynamic networks networkDynamic 2012 Network data management
  tergm 2013 Statistical modeling (DT), simulation
  ndtv 2013 Network movies and other temporal graphics
  relevent * 2013 Statistical modeling (CT)
  tsna 2015 Descriptive analysis
  ergmgp 2023 Continuous time ERGM generating processes
Valued tie networks ergm 2008 Continous value tie modeling
(static) ergm.count 2013 Count value tie modeling
  ergm.rank 2016 Rank value tie modeling
Extras ergm.userterms 2011 Tools for custom model term building (GitHub only)
* These packages are maintained separately by Carter Butts, all other packages have public GitHub repositories.


Related R packages

The CRAN ecosystem provides a platform for independently written extensions from the statnet packages. A partial list of packages that rely on the statnet foundation is below. A complete list can be found by checking the reverse dependencies of all of our packages, and the Shiny app cran-explorer can be used to visualize the dependency network.

  • Bergm Bayesian analysis for ERGMs
  • btergm Comparative assessment of ERGMs, TERGMs, and SAOMs
  • EpiModel Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Disease Dynamics on Networks
  • ergmito ERGMs for Small Networks
  • ergMargins Process Analysis for ERGMs (e.g., mediation, moderation)
  • fergm Estimation and Fit Assessment of Frailty ERGMs
  • hergm Hierarchical analysis for ERGMs