Welcome to the statnet website!

The statnet project publishes a suite of open source R-based software packages for network analysis, along with a comprehensive set of training materials. The software is developed on GitHub, and published to the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN). The training materials can be found on this site.

Please use the tabs in the navigation bar above to learn about:

  • The packages, with links to CRAN downloads, our GitHub package repositories (where you can get patched code, report bugs, request features, etc.), and citation info.
  • Our workshops and training materials – Upcoming workshops, and online tutorials that provide an introduction to using the statnet packages for network analysis. Includes links to installation instructions.
  • statnet movies – Some of our favorite dynamic network visualizations and other fun stuff.
  • Getting Help – Different channels for different types of help.
  • About statnet – The statnet project, development team, contributors and funding acknowledgements

Recent News

2024 Sunbelt Workshops

We will be teaching several Statnet workshops at the 2024 INSNA Sunbelt Conference, 24-30 June 2024 in Edinburgh.

2023 Sunbelt Workshops

We will be teaching several workshops (remotely) at the 2023 INSNA Sunbelt Conference in Portland, Oregon, USA. These include:

2022 Sunbelt Workshops

We will be teaching several workshops (remotely) at the 2022 INSNA Sunbelt Conference. Introduction to network analysis in R Introduction ...

Major package updates

We’re excited to announce the new release of the statnet suite of packages, which are rolling out to CRAN during June 10-30. The biggest changes are in the ...