The first statnet software was delivered on CDs (!) at the Social Networks Conference in Vancouver, BC in 2006, and the first two packages were published on CRAN in 2008 – network (for data storage/management) and ergm (for statistical analysis of network data using Exponential-family Random Graph Models).

Our software is still anchored by the network and ergm packages, but has grown to a suite of 14 packages that extend the functionality of statnet to a wide range of network data types and models (e.g., temporal, multi-level, valued tie, egocentrically sampled networks, etc.). Development is ongoing.

All of our software is open source (GPL-3), and most of it is in development on GitHub, with packages published to the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).

We maintain a large set of training materials online, see the “Workshops” tab above.

Who does all this work? Our development team and a cast of many contributing users over the years.


The Statnet Development Team

The core developers of the statnet packages have evolved over time, as has the package development process. We currently host our package development on GitHub, and accept contributions in the form of pull requests.

Our current lead developer/maintainer is Pavel Krivitsky.

Members of the Development Team, with packages they have created

Skye Bender-deMoll

  • networkDynamic, tsna, ndtv

Michał Bojanowski

Carter T. Butts (Founder)

  • network, sna, relevent

Steven M. Goodreau (Founder)

Mark S. Handcock (Founder)

  • ergm

David R. Hunter (Founder)

  • ergm, ergm.userterms

Chad Klumb (current lead software engineer)

Pavel Krivitsky (current lead developer/maintainer)

  • ergm.count, ergm.ego, ergm.multi, ergm.rank, latentnet, tergm

Martina Morris (Founder)

Contributing users

Many people have contributed to the codebase over time, as colleagues, students and (more recently) via GitHub pull requests. We welcome and appreciate contributions.

GitHub contributors

Brendan Knapp (network)

Christian Schmid (ergm)

Graduate students and colleagues

Emily Beylerian (developer of statnetWeb), Jeff Horner, Ruth Hummel, Alina Kuvelkar, Ayn Leslie-Cook, Kirk Li, Li Wang

Grant support

statnet development has been supported by numerous research grants to the members of the Statnet Development Team, and by the infrastructure provided by Center grants.

Research Grants:

  • Sexual Networks and HIV: Data, Models and Intervention (1996). NIH, R29-HD034957. Principle Investigator: Morris, M.
  • HIV and STIs In Young Adults: A Network Approach (1999). NIH, R01-HD038210. Principle Investigator: Morris, M.
  • Modeling HIV and STD in Drug User and Social Networks (2001). NIH, R01-DA12831. Principle Investigator: Morris, M., Key Personnel: Rothenberg, Richard; Hunter, David; Moody, James.
  • Quantifying HIV Transmission Risk in Sex/Drug Networks (2002). NIH, R01-HD041877. Principle Investigator: Morris, M., Key Personnel: Handcock, Mark; Hunter, David; Koehly, Laura.
  • Statistical Methods for Network Epidemiology (2011). NIH, R01-HD068395. Principle Investigator: Morris, M., Key Personnel: Goodreau, SM; Hunter, DR; Butts, CT; Krivitsky, P.
  • Seattle Modeling for HIV Prevention (2016). NIH, R21AI124789. Principle Investigator: Morris, M.
  • Modeling Cost Effective Scenarios for Continued Progress in Reducing HIV Incidence With Reduced Funding (2018). Washington State Department of Health. Principle Investigator: Morris, M., Key Personnel: Jenness, SM; Enns, E.
  • EpiModel 2.0: Integrated Network Models for HIV/STI Prevention Science (2018). R01-AI138783. Principle Investigator: Jenness, S. M., Key Personnel: Goodreau, SM; Enns, E.

Center Grants:

  • Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (2002). NIH, R24-HD042828. Principle Investigator: Morris, M.

  • Center for AIDS Research, University of Washington (2000-2021). NIH, P30-AI027757. Principle Investigator: King K Holmes, Jared Baeten, Connie Celum (over time)