Summer 2014 Research Project / Training Workshop

We are soliciting applications for an unpaid internship in statistical research and computing for Summer 2014. The project description and requirements are listed below. To apply, please use the UW Catalyst form here

Project Description

The goal of this project is to implement a prototype for a web-based GUI for network analysis and visualization, by integrating leading-edge software for user interfaces (Shiny) and social network analysis (statnet). The interface should provide seamless and intuitive access to R functionality within a web browser. This removes the need for a user to learn how to operate R via a command line interface, but should not provide a barrier to learning those commands if desired.

We anticipate the project will take about 40 hours, during the month of July 2014.

On completion of the project, students are expected to

  • know how to manipulate and visualize social network data
  • develop R-Shiny UIs

See info below for details on R, shiny, and statnet.


R program

R shiny app

statnet package suite

latest statnet tutorials

This project will focus on the package "ndtv", which allows users to create dynamic network movies from temporal network data:

ndtv tutorial


  • Junior or Senior status
  • Major in Statistics preferred, Applied Math and Computer Science majors with a minor in Statistics are also welcome to apply
  • Experience with the R statistical software environment
  • Experience with programming at some level (via coursework or other experience)
  • Experience with different OS
  • Familiarity with Maximum Likelihood Estimation, MCMC, Hypothesis Testing, Exponential Family Distributions
  • Good communication and writing skills

Optional or helpful

  • Javascript and HTML programming experience would be very helpful
  • Some familiarity with SVNs and software ticketing systems would be helpful


  • For international travelers, VISA are not sponsored.
  • Travel and housing arrangement are not provided.
  • Students will be advised by Faculties/PhD students on weekly basis.
  • A letter of evaluation will be provided upon completion of the project if requested


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