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statnet papers

Published papers based on analyses using statnet

Papers from Google Scholar


Forty years of secondhand smoke research: The gap between discovery and delivery. Harris JK, Luke DA, Zuckerman R, Shelton S. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 36(6): 538–548.

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Food-Sharing Networks in Lamalera, Indonesia: Reciprocity, Kinship, and Distance. Nolin, David A. Human Nature, 21(3) 243–268.


Concurrent partnerships and HIV prevalence disparities by race: Linking science and public health practice. Morris, M., Kurth, A., Hamilton, D. T., Moody, J., Wakefield, S. & The Network Modeling Group. Amer J Pub Health 99(6):1023 - 1031

Supplementary material:

Birds of a Feather, or Friend of a Friend? Using Statistical Network Analysis to Investigate Adolescent Social Networks. Goodreau, S., Kitts, J. & Morris, M. (2009). Demography, 46(1): 103–125.

Supplementary appendix material:


Updated code for the Tutorial from the Journal of Statistical Software (Vol. 24, Issue 9, May 2008)

We modify the tutorial code periodically to incorporate updates to R and the statnet suite that affect the functionality of the originally published code. Select the version that corresponds to your setup:


The papers in this section will appear in print soon.

Luke D.A., Harris J.K., Mueller N.B., Shelton S.C., Allen M., Carothers B. In Press. When is a Network a network? Systems science approaches to exploring collaboration in three national tobacco control networks. American Journal of Public Health. [Accepted December 2009]

Harris J.K. In Press. Connecting discovery and delivery: The need for more evidence on effective smoking cessation strategies for people living with HIV/AIDS. American Journal of Public Health. [Accepted August 2009]

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