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statnet papers

Published papers based on analyses using statnet


Forty years of secondhand smoke research: The gap between discovery and delivery. Harris JK, Luke DA, Zuckerman R, Shelton S. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 36(6): 538–548.

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Food-Sharing Networks in Lamalera, Indonesia: Reciprocity, Kinship, and Distance. Nolin, David A. Human Nature, 21(3) 243–268.

2009 Concurrent partnerships and HIV prevalence disparities by race: Linking science and public health practice. Morris, M., Kurth, A., Hamilton, D. T., Moody, J., Wakefield, S. & The Network Modeling Group. Amer J Pub Health 99(6):1023 - 1031

Supplementary material:

Movie from the network simulation of the growth of the reachable path of infection Birds of a Feather, or Friend of a Friend? Using Statistical Network Analysis to Investigate Adolescent Social Networks. Goodreau, S., Kitts, J. & Morris, M. (2009). Demography, 46(1): 103–125.

Supplementary appendix material:

School selection information Coefficient tables Coefficient comparison plots 2008

Updated code for the Tutorial from the Journal of Statistical Software (Vol. 24, Issue 9, May 2008)

We modify the tutorial code periodically to incorporate updates to R and the statnet suite that affect the functionality of the originally published code. Select the version that corresponds to your setup:

R 2.8.1, ergm 2.2 (March 2009) Preprints

The papers in this section will appear in print soon.

Luke D.A., Harris J.K., Mueller N.B., Shelton S.C., Allen M., Carothers B. In Press. When is a Network a network? Systems science approaches to exploring collaboration in three national tobacco control networks. American Journal of Public Health. [Accepted December 2009] Harris J.K. In Press. Connecting discovery and delivery: The need for more evidence on effective smoking cessation strategies for people living with HIV/AIDS. American Journal of Public Health. [Accepted August 2009]

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