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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go if I have questions about statnet?

The best way to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions is through the statnet users group listserv. You can use the listserv to:

  • get help from the statnet development team (and other users)
  • post questions, comments and ideas to other users
  • be informed about statnet updates
  • learn about bugs (and bug fixes)

To post and receive messages from this listserv, you need to join the statnet users group.

How do I join the statnet users group?

Instructions are at:

Once you have joined the group, you can post your questions and comments to statnet_help at

A full list of all messages posted to this list is available at

FAQs with online responses

  1. How can I interpret the coefficients for a gw* term (gwdegree, gw*sp)?

There are two papers that provide the technical details:

Some other less technical resources on how to think about interpreting the coefficients:

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