Developer Info

Information for statnet developers about the trac system for bug tracking, processes, tools, source code repositories, etc.



Developer mailing list

If you are a statnet developer with commit access, you should be subscribed to this list so you will receive commit message updates and stay in the loop with other developers (this is not a public list):

Statnet's project tracker

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Process Info


DevelopmentProcessOutline checklist of tools and steps to add a feature of fix a bug

StatnetRepository info about the backup repository with released versions of statnet packages and their dependencies

NightlyBuildsPrivate info on how to access the nightly build repositories with binaries of the packages under development. TestServersPrivate gives some information about how the nightly build tests are run and configured.

This is the current PermissionsHierarchy for the trac system.

There is a HowToUseSubversion (source code management) page with basic info on how to check out a copy of the code.

TracGuide is a good place to start for more information on Trac and the creation of 'tickets' for issues.

Spec Docs

Working drafts of specs for various sets of features






Statnet Commons Docs

Commons forms: These organizational StatnetCommonsDocsPrivate outline the agreements between developers, contributing users, and their institutions.

Statnet attribution: This page StatnetAttributionPrivate is for the discussion of citation and attribution formats.

Cool Tracker Feature

You can reference and close tickets with svn commit messages! The description of the commit needs to contain one of the following formulas:

  • Refs #123 - to reference this changeset in #123 ticket
  • Fixes #123 - to reference this changeset and close #123 ticket with the default status fixed

Developer Notes

A place to store per-developer notes regarding topics outside the scope of tickets.

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